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BSEO Promises for Accountants

What We Promise

We only make promises that we can deliver!

It is important to note that we do NOT promise the following:

- We do NOT promise to get you to the top of the first page of Google for every search we optimise.

No SEO company can guarantee this, and if they do, you would be advised to approach them with caution (see Beware the sharks)!

SEO is an ongoing activity that requires constant monitoring, and the search engines are always changing the criteria, so there can be no particular guarantees about position.

- We do NOT promise to generate particular volumes of traffic to your site.

Volumes of traffic are meaningless without context. Instead of chasing hits, we focus on delivering relevant, high-quality leads to your site.

However, we DO promise the following:

- That we will provide a high-quality service which will maximise the chances of SEO success over the long-term, especially if used in conjunction with your other marketing activities

- That we will focus on delivering suitable leads that you can realistically hope to convert into clients.

While we can never guarantee results, we do have a very skilled, specialist team and a very good track record – see Case Studies.

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