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Targeted Search Engine Results for Accountants

How It Works

Choose the microSITEs that work for you...

Targeted Search Engine Results for AccountantsWhen looking online for accounting services, most potential clients will search by using the name of their local town or city. microSITEs are a cost-effective way to capitalise on this and create a brand new stream of quality leads for your firm.

What is a microSITE?

microSITEs are fully Search Engine Optimised, content-rich microSITEs developed by our team of SEO experts to appear at the top of the search engine rankings for very specific queries.

If you subscribe to a microSITE, then for the duration of the subscription it will be branded with your logo and contact details, with a link back to your main website.

Choosing your microSITEs

We have built 10 sites optimised for specialist searches covering commonly-searched accountancy service areas, plus sectors where particular clients might want to search for specialist advice from an accountant.

The service areas are: VAT advice, Business Start-up, Payroll, Tax Returns, Business Tax, Pensions and Corporate Finance. The sectors are Academies, Solicitors and Charities.

Find out more about the specialisms and phrases here.

Personalising your microSITEs

We’ll customise your subscribed microSITE with your firm logo, call-to-action contact details and a link to your main website within 7 days of your order.

By carefully selecting multiple sites, microSITEs can be a cost-effective way to transform your firm marketing.

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