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Cost Effective SEO for Accountants

The Benefits

How microSITEs can transform your firm’s marketing...

At just £20+VAT per month per site, microSITEs offer a cost-effective opportunity to market for your firm in new and highly targeted ways.

Attracting pre-qualified leads

Ideally your main website will be optimised for general phrases such as ‘accountants in Peterborough’, but microSITEs enable you to target specialist areas and particular types of client - the kinds of client that you really want for your firm.

A great advantage of microSITEs compared to broadcast marketing is that any leads you get are pre-qualified. For example, someone who Googles for ‘VAT advice in Peterborough’ already has a very particular need.

Advantages over pay-per-click AdWords

At just £20+VAT per month, microSITEs represent a modest part of your marketing budget, yet they have some major advantages over pay-per-click advertising:

  • microSITEs are visible in the ‘natural’ rankings of search results, which many users trust more than the AdWord links in the sidebar
  • microSITEs are great adverts in themselves: professional-looking and content-rich websites showcasing your expertise
  • no matter how many clicks you get, the price stays the same, so you’re not ‘punished’ for traffic-generating success

Advantages over online directories

A disadvantage of paying for listings in online accountancy directories is that the lead has to know to look for the directory in the first place, before they then find your banner or advert.

microSITEs cut out the ‘middle-man’. These days, most people will simply enter terms related to the service they want in Google, and microSITEs are designed to capitalise on this.

Using microSITEs in your marketing strategy

By subscribing to multiple microSITEs you can carry out targeted campaigns and and strategies. For example, you might want to select several service areas in one location (eg. “business tax Bath”, “VAT advice Bath”; “tax returns Bath”) or focus on a specialist service in a number of neighbouring towns in your area (e.g. “payroll Bath”; “payroll Chippenham” and “payroll Bristol” ).

microSITEs are a therefore a great way to:

  • dominate searches for various accountancy services in your specific town or city – such as VAT, payroll and corporate finance in Bath
  • promote a specialism across a geographical region – such as payroll services in Bath, Bristol and Swindon
  • target specific sectors across a region – such as Academy schools in Bath, Bristol and Swindon.

“We wanted a smart way to use the web to bring in new clients. The leads that the VAT microSITE has provided are hot leads because we know they’re local people (and therefore are realistically going to choose us) and that they’re searching specifically for VAT advice. It just works.”


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